Infinite M Plex 200 Pro TECAN

Microplate Reader Infinite M Plex 200 Pro TECAN is a multimode plate reader with monochromator-based optics that offers free wavelength choice and scanning capabilities. Ready-to-go for all standard absorbance-, fluorescence- and luminescence assays.

- Absorbance- and fluorescence-based DNA/RNA, protein, ATP quantitation and purity checks
- Absorbance-, fluorescence- and  luminescence-based ELISAs
- 600 nm growth curves  (bacteria, yeast)
- Fluorescence and luminescence reporter assays
- Dual-color luminescence (BRET2, NanoBRET, etc.)
- Fluorescence- and luminescence based Ca+2 release assays
- Dual Luciferase Reporter assays
- Cell-based assays (e.g. viability, citotoxicity)
- Enzyme kinetics
- Compound characterization (absorbance and fluorescence scans)

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