NMR 600 MHz Bruker

Bruker 600 MHz spectrometer is equipped with the ProdigyTM Cryoprobe and the InsightMR flow unit.

ProdigyTM probe delivers a sensitivity enhancement over conventional probes of a factor of 2 to 3 both for 1H and X-nuclei (from 19F to 109Ag) recording high quality spectra up to 10 times faster.

The new InsightMR flow unit accessory allows online reaction monitoring by continuously flowing the reaction solution from the vessel to the probe and backwards.

- Characterization of small and macromolecules
- Quantification of analytes
- Kinetics and Reaction mechanism determination
- Omics-Sciences
- Fragment Screening
- Ligand-target interaction
- Evaluation of aggregation phenomena in solution and hydrodynamic volumes of molecules (Self-Aggregation, presence of phytocomplexes, polymers dimension)
- Determination of physico-chemical properties of the analytes


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